Friday, February 6, 2009

Me Time

The only way I get any scrapbooking done these days is at S.I.T.C. These are a few projects I've worked on there. I LOVE it. I go, I create, I'm done!

Ongoing class on using your "stash". Needs ribbon.
Intended to be a recipe book. I made mine for pictures from the Bryan Reunion last summer.

I absolutely love this chipboard house album. SO cute! My fav are the stickers I chose to go inside. All meaningful to me this year. I'm going to print out some sepia pictures for this album as soon as our PhotoShop is fixed. Also, need to add ribbon. I'm ribbon and edge distressing crazy lately.

My lovely M.I.L gave me a clipboard kit for Christmas. The picture I used is by far my favorite of all 3 honeys together!


Verlow said...

I do love what you made in the use your stash class, very nice!! The house book is very cute too!!!

Yvette said...

Hey girls you didn't tell me you have a blog too - LOVE it!! Thanks for stopping by mine and see you soon at the city :o)