Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Tennessee Christmas

This was my first Christmas spent in Tennessee. This year New York came to me...kind of. :) My mom, Jr, Marvin, Lizette, Mami Elia, Any, and Loydy ALL came and spent Christmas with us.

It was so relaxing not having to travel. We let the kids open some presents on Christmas Eve as is my family's tradition and then they got to open presents Christmas morning in their jammies as is Greg's family tradition. It was wonderful. We went to Granny and Papaw's for breakfast. It was so much fun. Teresa had huge stockings filled with the kids' presents. Eli was so funny with his McDonald's kitchen. Actually, all the kids got into it. Nathan was so excited to open so many cars for Christmas. When he opened a turtle pillow from my cousins he said "Oh, it's not a car." and tossed it aside. It was a perfect Christmas...well almost. I believe it was almost 70 degrees outside.

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