Wednesday, November 26, 2008

So Very Thankful

I have so much to be thankful for. The first one that comes to mind is my loving, sweet, and caring husband. Oh, I see what is happening here already. I am going to have to make a list! O.K...
1. Greg, who has run to Walmart for yet ONE more item for the turkey dinner. More seriously,
for being our sole money earner this year. :)

2. Olivia who so sweetly said to Nathan today "Buddy, what do you want Santa to bring you?" after talking about parents having fun with pretending he was real. (cute story..I'll have to blog it later b/cuz I definitely need that one in writing to remember!)

3. Nathan who brings Luke his paci when he hears him crying.

4. Luke who smiles all day and looks at me so lovingly when he takes breaks from nursing.

5. To be staying home this year and being a full on STAY AT HOME MOM. No work stress!

6. Mom and Marvin coming for Thanksgiving.

7. For my whole family coming for CHRISTMAS! including Mami Elia, Any, Loidy, and Lizette!

8. For my Wilkerson family and Thanksgiving lunch at Papaw Sam's.

9. For good friends like Veronica who watched my kids today so I could go grocery shopping sans
kids! Thanks V! Aimee who encourages us all to express our creative side. Even if we do use
patterns and tutorials! ;) Then there's all the friends who have given us such cute clothes for
the boys! Ginger, Julie, and Beth.

10. My work family whom I leaned on for prayer lots last year!

11. My church family; mentors like the Mercers who have shared testimony after testimony
with us. The Kings who have opened up their home for some good bible conversations and
prayer time.

12. Old family traditions like going to "The Fantasy of Trees" and scouting our school tree.

13. New family traditions like our "Thankful cards".

14. Our house which we have worked hard for. It may be small, but it's all ours.

15. To live in a country where we can vote for our president and there aren't riots when the
president is appointed.

16. For Greg's new job. He's back to doing what he's meant to do! Whoo-hoo!

17. Health benefits...need I say more?

18. Because Jesus is my Lord and Savior! Sweet victory in Jesus, My Savior forever.....know that
old hymn?

19. To know old hymns and am passing them on to my kids!

20. For God who has provided for our every need even more than I could ever have expected
this year. For every time I have felt like there's something that I might be lacking..boom he
turns around to provide above and beyond. This has been an AWESOME year. So in
closing..I am SO VERY THANKFUL for a wonderful year and look forward for all that is to

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