Friday, May 9, 2008

New Baby

We are having another baby and can't wait. It's going to be hard, tiring, and crazy, but we are excited. I had been gagging when brushing my teeth back in Thanksgiving and was like " ???? , that's weird". I gagged when I was pregnant with Nathan, but I couldn't be pregnant. I was still nursing Nathan and on the nursing pill. The Sat. before Thanksgiving we went to Walmart to get some toiletries and picked up a preggo test because it caught my eye. I thought I would take it just to ease my mind. Maye I was sick. This school year started out rough and I thought maybe I was worn out. I took it the next morning before going to work. I thought for sure it was going to be negative. I will never forget walking down the hallway with the stick to show Greg who was on the love seat in the living room. He couldn't believe it either. He looked at the box to be sure that I had read it right. I soooooo wanted to stay home to digest and talk, but I went on to work. I called the doctor and went in to confirm. They called me later and said "'Congratulations". I was in denial and asked "Congratulations, I am pregnant or congratulations I'm not?". Ha, it took us several weeks for it to sink in. Then a few more weeks to start sharing our news.
Olivia is excited and Nathan is too young to understand. I am excited that Nathan will have a little brother so close in age. I hope that they get along great. I mourned for a while that Nathan will have to give up his position as youngest so soon. However, he is so independent, so ready to explore, and ready to do everything his big sis does that I realize that he is on his own growing up so fast. I thought that since we had a girl and a boy we were done having kids. We were content. Olivia has grown up so fast so I held Nathan all the time and "spoiled" him. Now we will have three beautiful kids to hold on to longer, kiss constantly, hug all the time, and watch grow up. We are blessed!

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