Wednesday, March 19, 2008

This is an e-mail that I sent to EVERYONE on my e-mail
list a few months ago. It is not like me to share my
feelings and thoughts with the world, but I felt a
pressing need to. Since then life has gotten a little
easier or perhaps I have let myself "Enjoy the Journey".
Whatever the reason I copied and pasted it from a reply
and decided to post it so I could read it if I ever feel
that life is kicking my butt.

Hey guys!
I wanted to share something with you. I warn you that
I am doped up on my progesterone pill and my allergy
medication ( My allergies have been super bad these
past few days). Last year I bought a sign for a friend
that says "Enjoy the Journey". I absolutely loved it.
I felt that it was the perfect gift for her because
she had two small children and was adjusting to being
a mommy to two.
I have thought alot about that expression this year.
This year has been a difficult one for me. We had a
change at home (addition of my precious Nathan whom I
have spoiled because he was going to be my last baby..ha,
ha.), change in Greg's work schedule (managing the
restaurant at night and not getting home til late),
major changes at work, four sweet, but needy and difficult
kids in my class, and being sick for seven weeks straight
due to our unexpected, but welcomed pregnancy.
However, sometime after Christmas I adopted the philosophy
that life only happens once. Sloppy hugs and kisses are
not duplicated. This season in our lives will never happen
again, so housework can wait. Everything can wait.
I thought about that saying and I want it. I want it
where I can see it. When I feel like I have to say no when
Olivia wants to play Old Maid and I was getting ready to mop.
I want to see it when Nathan wants me to sit with him and
play with his musical chair. I want to see it when Greg says
"Let's rent a movie and camp out" in our small living room.
I want to see it when I'll be huge and hot this summer and
feel like doing nothing but sitting in the pool.
I usually don't share my thoughts, but I felt compelled
to share this with you. Maybe you have felt the same way I have.
I know the next few years will be hard, but I will enjoy this
season that God has blessed us with. It was just like me to have
our lives planned out.
Anyhow, those are the thoughts I just HAD to share.
Have an awesome day!

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