Sunday, May 20, 2012

Summer's coming!

Oh, can't wait until summer is here. Really, can't wait for summer break which is in less than a week! Whoop, whoop! I've been working on a list of fun activities/crafts that I want to do with the kids. Been busy pinning.
Kind of sad to be counting down the last days of Olivia's third grade. She had a wonderful year with an awesome teacher. However, her teacher has been on maternity leave since March and it's been hard on Olivia. She bonded so well with her teacher and although the sub is nice she is very different. Good learning experience though!
We are so proud of all three kids. They have learned so much and had so many successes this year it would be too long a post to re-cap so I'll just post some pictures instead.

Really glad she can still wear Matilda Jane and look so cute!

Back in March. Her art piece was chosen by her art teacher to be displayed in an Art Gallery in town.

Reading a book to my class. She was Principal for the Day-a.r. points

We went up to the mountains for a picnic and spring clothes shopping over spring break.

Nathan graduated from Pre-K. We all dressed up for the event.

Tap costume

Modern costume

Olivia danced in Junior Company II this year.

Ballet costume

She is a granola girl! We went camping with the Girl Scouts in April.

Best friends. They love playing and being silly together.

Ready for kindergarten after a year of pre-k.

Luke makes us laugh several times a day.

Nathan turned 5 in April!

Olivia is 9, oh my! She's looking like a pre-teen.

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