Wednesday, May 13, 2009

5 minute fun

It's hard to do chores with the boys. Now that Luke is crawling he gets into everything, but the toys I set in front of him. So, I get time to sit and play with them. Sometimes, I sneak over to my little table and work on five minute projects. I have made hair bows, cute flower hairband for O, labels for my canisters and winter clothes, organized my scrapbooking stuff, and condensed O's pre-school work from a binder to a folder. I would post pictures, but our camera is broken. We have to get an sd reader so I can post the pictures I took before it went swimming. ;) Oh. yeah. I started another challenge. Those I have to do at night after everyone is in bed because Nathan tries to help. Enough for now. Nathan wants to go draw faces.

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