Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Luke is 7 weeks old!

So much has happened since Luke's birth. We have had family come and visit twice, I've been admitted to the hospital for pancreatitis, Olivia has started kindergarten full-time,

I had my gallbladder removed and a hernia repaired, and in between all of that Baby Luke is now 11 pounds!

My mom and cousin came to visit us right after Luke was born. Mommy finally got to hold her baby! She and Mara had been on a cruise while Luke was born. They got the news of Luke's birth when Jr picked them up from the airport.

Mara was visiting Mommy from Australia and it was wonderful that she was able to come visit us while she was in the States. It is too bad that she lives so far away. We really enjoyed our time with her.

Jr and Lizette came to visit a few weeks later. They arrived right in the middle of my pancreatitis. I ended up in the hospital the very day they flew in. I was sent home to relax after a night's stay. Nathan and Olivia loved having Jr and Lizette here. We went to the aquarium in Gatlinburg,

walked around downtown,

made cupcakes,

fingerpainted (Olivia & Lizette)

and Lizette and I scrap booked some one day. It was great to have quality time with family. You tend to make better use of yout time together when you are normally miles apart.

Right now I am recovering from my gallbladder surgery that I decided to have after consulting with the doctor. I wish I had waited because the recovery with 2 under 2 has been harder than I expected. Greg has been more than wonderful helping with the kids.

Or rather doing everything, but I am a little depressed because I haven't been able to hold my Nathan like I normally do.

I haven't been able to do any housework that requires bending or lifting; which is everything!
Anyhow gotta go now. Luke wants to nurse. That is one thing only I can do!


Verlow said...

Love your pics! Hey Aimee has pics of baby Maeve on her blog!(I'm not sure if I spelled the name right!)

Aimee said...

My goodness, you have had toooo much going on! You need some rest! I seriously cannot believe how much Luke has changed. Maybe I can come by soon?

Aimee said...

Yeah right! I wish I made that bonnet! Maybe someday!